Dinks for Durban - pickleball fundraiser!

Hey friends!

Get this: All four Bakers – Jamie, Joselyn, Jorie, and Jon – are heading on a Crossroads GO Trip (think mission trip) to Durban, South Africa! We will be spending ten days there over Thanksgiving this year. 


We have always wanted to create opportunities for our girls to see how so many people in the rest of the world live to help create empathy and understanding and to appreciate how blessed we are. Also, we want to create opportunities for all of us to serve God and others and watch Him work. We try to teach generosity and model serving God through serving others, but nothing is more impactful than being transported far out of your comfort zone and being face-to-face with people that are so vulnerable and so loved by God.


Durban, a coastal city in eastern South Africa, faces significant social and economic challenges that affect the most vulnerable members of society, especially children. We will work to build new schools and collaborate with local students and teachers to create a nurturing learning environment to provide long-term solutions to address the educational needs of the local community.  We also hope this has a lifelong impact on us and how we view the world and its people. 


Honestly, it feels uncomfortable as a family with a stable income to reach out to friends and family for support. But not sharing about this opportunity limits others from being an active part of serving the marginalized along with us and limits how we think God can provide for us and the people there.  So, reaching out to you is an act of faith and obedience for us.


If you would like to join us in helping these children in South Africa, we would love for you to pray for the trip and consider contributing financially. I have included links to our support pages on the right.

We are very excited to be God's hands and feet to children halfway around the world and for God to work in and through us, helping us become more like Jesus.


We appreciate your consideration!


The Bakers

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